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        What precautions need to be taken against endemic diseases?
Most diseases in China are treatable. The Chinese health care system is quite sophisticated and widespread. Foreigners need to be aware that HIV/AIDS has become a greater issue and care should be taken in personal hygiene and sexual conduct. SARS is also an issue if it again reoccurs and the foreign teacher should always follow the instructions of the host institution as they try to combat the virus. The Chinese Ministry of Health is now monitoring the new Bird Flu potential spread in Asia.  Listen carefully to advice both through your embassy website, China Daily and English CCTV-9 English television (24 hrs a day).  This may mean that the foreigner at times feels restricted in movement and ability to perform duties. However, precautions are with good reason and the foreign teacher should try not to question the procedures, but follow instructions in a friendly and cooperative manner.
Malaria is not a true danger. Tuberculosis and hepatitis is found in the rural areas and among migrant workers.
The foreign teacher should practice good hygiene, be aware that there are diseases that exist in China that perhaps no longer openly exist elsewhere, and pay attention to where they are and what they are experiencing. Good hygiene is essential and care and thorough washing and preparation of meats and vegetables are highly recommended.  Always drink only boiled water!

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