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        Are living accommodations convenient to the workplace?

As part of the agreement, institutions provide free accommodation to the foreign teachers. Lodging varies from guesthouse room, similar to a standard hotel, to a complete apartment with sitting room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen area. Much depends on the school facilities and what they are able to provide for the teacher. Normally, the teacher receives an apartment setting. At some schools, teachers share a living space but have separate bedrooms. In all cases, there is “private” space for the foreign teacher.

Most institutions offer lodging on the campus. In some cases, the lodging is not on the campus and the institutions are required to provide transportation in those cases. Type of transportation (or stipend) depends on distance from the campus.

In a few instances, institutions allow teachers to live off-campus and they are willing to pay a lodging stipend to help cover rental costs. The stipend might not cover all costs, but will help to defray costs. The teacher then can choose his/her own accommodations.

If lodged in campus housing provided by the institution, the lodging is furnished. In some cases there is service attendant service during the week; in other cases, the teacher does their own cleaning. If a teacher lives off campus, they are responsible for furnishing their own area. Normally, if teachers elect to cook for themselves, they are responsible for purchasing their own pots, pans, and other equipment. Sometimes, previous teachers will leave such items behind for others to use.

Rental costs vary according to city, region, and circumstance and cannot be quoted here as a "norm." Most institutions will not allow their teachers to live off campus, since the institution is responsible for the teacher’s health and safety and has no control over those areas if the teacher is not present at the institution. If the teacher lives a distance from the institution (as arranged by the institution – not the teacher), it is the institution’s responsibility to see that transportation and safety are addressed.

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